Thursday, 26 May 2011

Week 99: Connecting piece.

Do you ever feel like you're the connecting piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is your friendship group? Or if you don't feel that you have a friendship group, maybe you're a connecting piece in a certain community or occupational environment. Either way, we are all connecting pieces. There have been many obvious theories on human connections and mutual friends, one being the famous Six Degrees of Separation and others being connected to a Small World society. If two groups of friends have become one simply because of me introducing them to each other, I do not feel I should brag. Instead I feel important, mainly because I am contributing to shrinking the world that tiny bit more.

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Being someone who joins people together can change the course of somebody else's life quite dramatically. If you introduce somebody to a different way of life, they will pursue that way if they choose to. It is a tiring thought and exhausts my mind when trying to think back on who's life I have change and who's I haven't. This is not arrogance as you have probably done it too in one form or another. Have a think, and contemplate the true path that lead you to where you are. Was it destiny or something a little more complex that ? Where do you stand in the great Venn diagram of society?

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Week 98: Virtues.

Patience is not a virtue. It may seem to be a good trait, but that saying has a lot of flaws. Imagine you are a patient type of guy. You wait around for as long as you can and if things turn out your way then that's okay and if they don't then it does not really matter anyway. However, imagine doing this over and over for years, eventually it will build up. If you wait and wait for something to come along, some thing that will make you happy. You wait for so long that it corrupts your personality. You go from being a good guy to a bad guy just because this thing that was meant to make you happy just has not turned up. Imagine if it just doesn't come, that one thing (or person) does not think it is appropriate to walk into your life. That would be a great tragedy. Patience is not a virtue.

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This was taken on a Sinar 5x4 once again. This is what we are all waiting for in our lives. It may not be in this form, it may not be a person of the opposite (or same) sex. But this photograph shows the end result of a path called desire. Eventually our patience should lead us to it, but sometimes, it just is not in the cards for some of us.

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