Sunday, 24 October 2010

Week 72: End of The Junction.

So after a week of very negative influence and inspiration I've decided to stop posting pictures from this project. This is the last week I will show one for a while, as I need time to work on how this will evolve and may need to keep my mind away from it for a short amount of time. This will be challenging as I have a lot of things "on my mind" at the moment. Such a funny idiom, I feel it should be swapped around. My mind is on a lot of things, it is on track but not quite on the right one I think.


So this is the end of The Junction for now. I am interested in this local topography of portraits, to evoke a sense of reason. A reason to why Cemetery Junction has stayed the same (in business) for the past ten to twenty years. I will carry this on, but I'm afraid you guys will have to be shut behind the curtain for a little whilst I figure my intentions out.

Song listening to right now: El Condor Pasa - Simon and Garfunkel

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Week 71: Interested?

I've been having some trouble thinking about what I should do for my exhibition. I've been hit with a major dilemma. People tell me to stick to what I'm good at and do something I'm interested in. What happens if I'm not interested in what I'm good at or if I'm not good at what I'm interested in? I also don't know if I should risk doing my new idea, as I have no idea whether I would be good at it. I'm pretty sure most people who are reading this blog ran relate to me, as you are likely to have a creative mind. If you're good at everything and interested in everything then you probably don't exist.


This is an image from one of the Junction shoots. A photograph of the third friend "The Italian" and he had a pretty sad story behind him that I feel would be exploitative to post in this blog and I may save for something else. We hung out for a good hour or so, he seemed really down to earth. However I shall leave you to make your own assumptions about him.

Song listening to right now: Whole lotta Rosie - AC/DC

Monday, 11 October 2010

Week 70: The last step II.

So this year is my last step to improve my skills to a pinnacle that will please both myself and the demographic I'm working for. These images over the past three weeks are something I may move away from for a while because I will need to use a combination of my creative mind and my practical skills to actually make it to that peak. The most recent photographs are much more photo journalistic than they first appear. They are part of a story I am creating through documenting certain individuals. People that give me ambition. Inspiration and aspiration.


This is also part of the Leanne narrative. I have some more negatives to scan (120s) these have all mean 35mm. I have managed to acquire a darkroom again now. However, this is probably the last of the Leanne series I will show on my blog. This year will be intense darkroom work as I am looking into the science of Photography. The physical and the chemical so expect some pretty interesting projects.

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Week 69: The last step.

This weeks post is a little late as I have moved and need to settle in before I could think logically. The last post is obviously now a completely incorrect statement. It's no longer the next step it was the last step, and the next post is concerning that. This is another picture from something very similar as I am still pondering on what to do next. Something will tick soon guys, just bear with me on this.


From the same shoot, just following Leanne around the town.

Song listening to right now: Silky Silky Love Song - Windy City.