Monday, 30 April 2012

Week 145: Things are looking up.

Things are definitely looking up.

I spent most of my time in New York looking up.

Song listening to right now: Boom, Boom - John Lee Hooker

Friday, 20 April 2012

Week 144: Fishing Up Wellington Boots.

Over the past week, I've been sorting out all my belongings, organising all my bookings and generally organsing my past and future into files and boxes. I've come across little bits and bobs that have been huge parts of my past. The problem with these things is that they were important in the past, but now they have been drowned by everything that has happened since and hence, rendered useless. Yes, they bring back some of fundest memories. They are really positive objects that once had a use, but now that I've fished them out of the past, they aren't appropriate to what I was originally fishing for. Much like the old catching a welly situation.


An old picture, from a project that took a lot of effort and a lot of setting up. However, the project is useless to me and so the photograph is now obsolete.

Song listening to right now: You'll Be The First One - Attention Thieves

Friday, 13 April 2012

Week 143: The Greatest Emotion.

As humans, we are one of the only species that can control our emotions. This isn't to say that other animals don't have emotions. We just have the capability to control the way we feel, suppressing certain feelings to exaggerate others. Everyone has moments in their life when they feel emotionally lost. When you sit down and think about the emotions you prioritise, you can get a little muddled up in your own way of thinking. If the problem you have is in your mind, then how can you use your mind to find your way out? So I try and think of my favourite emotion, it sounds strange, but it's harder than you may think. I do not know what the greatest emotion is. A lot of people would think that happiness is the greatest emotion of all, but in all honesty, I cannot say that I classify it as an emotion but rather a state of mind of being content. If there is anything I probably will never reach, it is a state of being content. It comes with the occupation, being a photographer means you are also a perfectionist. Most professionals of other mediums (also known as "artists") will agree with this; if you are a perfectionist, you will never be content.

Thanks for reading.

The book she was reading was a times table colouring book that she seemed to love so much. Seconds after this photograph was taken, the little girl dropped her book. It flew off in the wind like a tumble weed, we chased it for her and tried to get it back but to our surprise she shouted and told us to let it go, giggling to herself. We managed to get it back for her but that command to just let it go flicked a switch inside my head somewhere. It just made me think, she is completely content with what she has, no matter what she loses or what she gains. Pretty inspiring when you think about it.

Song listening to right now: Monument - Miss May I

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Week 142: Memory shield.

Memory is a funny thing. It produces nostalgia, knowledge and even defence mechanisms. By "defence mechanisms" I mean, when something bad happens to you in the past, you try your best to avoid it. Learning from your mistakes is the best way to defend yourself in your future. However, if you have bad memory or do not think before you act then these defence mechanisms are completely void. So train your memory, it's one of the most important shields you will ever own.


This is a photograph that makes me chuckle, they are capturing a memory of a very sad day. Yet to everyone else around them, it's actually quite a funny spectacle. I have captured one of my funny memories of that sad memorial day. It was one of those moments when you shouldn't laugh (because of the environment) mixed with something that just seemed so out of place that it was almost impossible to keep a straight face. Photographs of photographs being taken lead to all sorts of connections with memory and emotion. It's one to think about.

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