Friday, 29 July 2011

Week 109: Pure Zandra IV.

So Pure 2011 was a success. I've made a lot of contacts, exchanged business cards and just generally networked. There isn't much to say this week apart from it has been productive. I will be getting back to you with some more retouched images over the past few weeks, and will probably delve back into some more conceptual work of mine. However, for now please enjoy the more commercial stuff and tell me your thoughts.


Another jewellery and outfit combination from Zandra. She bases a lot of her jewellery on things she has picked up over the years, mainly little mementos from travelling certain places. She uses her life as her inspiration.

Song listening to right now: Teras - Sylosis

Monday, 25 July 2011

Week 108: Pure Zandra III.

Again, I'm getting some more work in. Travelling round taking photographs of iconic clothing really takes it's toll. Actually, no it doesn't. I appreciate everything to do with Zandra Rhodes and I've been thinking about success all week. There's not much else to say I'm afraid.

I'll keep you informed.

This was a promo shot for Zandra Rhodes' new jewellery collection. They were paired with some beautiful dresses and beautiful models. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Week 107: Fear.

At the moment, I am fearing change. I look back on my school days when the scariest moment in my life was leaning back on my chair just that little bit too far every Maths lesson. Now change is constricting me, it is causing a certain claustrophobic fear that was never there before. I am normally a fan of change, I guess I still am. However, I can't withhold my anticipating fears. I do not know what do next.


I thought this photograph suited the way I felt this week. It was taken on the underground, I kept my photography very candid that day. I was documenting people who genuinely looked scared or paranoid. This man, after every bump or flash of lights, would ignore the magazine he was reading and check that everything was all right with the train. I'm a frequent user of the London underground but I had never seen someone so genuinely afraid of travelling this way. I guess it matches up quite well with my feelings of being claustrophobic with going from A to B.

Song listening to right now: Lemon Meringue Tree - Dance Gavin Dance

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Week 106: Judgement.

In situations such as interviews, first dates, auditions and first acquaintances we pass judgement within moments of first contact. It's a well known fact that an interviewer will make their final judgement on the interviewee within seconds of meeting them, even if they don't know it themselves.


Pass judgement on this individual, I give you permission. He's a friend of mine. Ask yourselves about him.

Song listening to right now: The Darkest Nights - As I Lay Dying.