Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Week 4: Looking forward.

Throughout the week, I have been doing a lot of thinking. What do I want out of this degree? Where do I wish to go with my life? How do I wish to interact with the people I meet along the way, my motivation to get somewhere is ten times the amount it used to be, and I am glad. This week has been enlightening, I have spent some time with friends and had a great time with my Father. So this post is mostly about looking ahead.

Thank you for reading.


This image was captured a while back, but I wish to post it anyway. On the night before my interview for NTU, I stopped off at a Bed and Breakfast in Leicester for a place to stay. This was my key and the bed I was staying in lit in such a way that may be connected to a movie still or commercial. This photograph links in well with my situation at the moment, looking forward into the next year of my further education. It brings an aura of nostalgia to think this was taken a year ago and to see how much my motivation has been boosted since then. A picture that shows warmth in the future.

Song listening to right now: Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Week 3: Happy Birthday Mother.

In total, this week has been positive, as I have seen friends and family. I have also celebrated my Mother's 50th Birthday this past week and have my Father's 51st to look forward to during this week coming up. My Mother has been a prominent part of this week, and I feel I should present this as best I can. I do not wish to force harsh opinions or have this treated as an aggressive move, but recently I haven't been able to see her side of things and subsequently this has affected my decision making all week. My decision this week is to post this portrait of my Mother. I am aware all my photographs so far have been Portraits and in the future I will keep a variation of genres posted.

Many thanks once again.


Exploitation may be a word that comes to mind, and in most cases it would be the appropriate one. However, in this case I would not relate it to this portrait. She willingly agreed to participate in this shoot, and hence, knew what she would be in for. True, this photograph is not complimenting, but this combination of negating a person's physical appearance and the judgment by the audience to create an engaging photograph, is quite a compliment in itself.

If I may be so bold, I would like to relate this photograph to the portrait by Alexander Rodchenko of his mother. This photograph does not show the beauty of motherhood, but in it's stead ends up showing the history. I make no apology for posting this photograph.

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Week 2: 3:30 - 22:00

So ends the first year of my course. Hence, I feel a little accomplished and wish to post a recent photograph that relates back to certain activities practiced during the last term of my course. This week seems to me like it will dictate the layout of my summer duration and I seriously cannot contain myself. So I think this week's image shows a little bit of hardship that has been experienced during the course and therefore I would like to let this go.

Please keep the feedback coming in any form possible, be it facebook, email or just simply commenting on here. It has been much appreciated so far.

Thanks entirely


We were stood on the corner of Nottingham's market square, taking a photograph from the same position once every minute for 18 hours to create a time lapse. During this time, we had a number of different members of the public walk up to us and query what we were up to. This Photograph was captured of an elderly homeless male that stood with us for at least an hour. He originated from Lahore and told us of the fascist traditions in which his old village used to keep out foreigners and he totally agreed they should have stayed that way. I will not repeat the language he used as a lot of readers will probably find it offensive, he was filled with history and accentuated it in the most forceful manner possible. The man showed his anger at the loss of tradition. I did not agree with any of his views.

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: Buddy Holly - Rave on

Sunday, 7 June 2009

First Blog: Week 1

I am currently nearing the end of the first year of studying a Photography degree at Nottingham Trent University, and have deeply researched the practice on a critical level. Anyway, I have done a few short blogs in the past, but I would like to expand into this medium a bit more decisively. Obviously anybody can have a Blogger account, and I would like to recommend it, however, I would like to state that I am only doing this for my own lexical/graphical pleasure and will appreciate any feedback be it complementary or critical, both are just as helpful.

The aim of this blog is to post a photograph, taken by me, once a week for the next 1000 weeks of my life. This week will be no exception and I already have a photograph in mind to upload in just a few seconds. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Thank you greatly.


This photograph is a frame of my Grandmother, a very dear woman to me. Very close. I felt that I should project this idea of closeness onto the film, in a manner that was both sincere and striking. On a personal plateau, she is the image of my heritage.

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