Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Week 161: Defend.

Some things are hard to do, they hurt. However, you know in your heart, deep down that it's the right thing to do. No matter how much pain it may cause you; you have to stand up for what you believe in. 


The site of Massada has a lot of relevance to this...

"Well it is written in the art of war, to fight only the battles you can win. But I will defend your honour until they kick my face in."

Song listening to right now: 5 Different Bottles of Shampoo - The King Blues

Monday, 20 August 2012

Week 160: Meet. Repeat.

Last week I wrote about people coming back from my past and making me a happy guy. However, I forgot to mention the amount of new people I have encountered and how happy they make me. There are specific individuals that have become close to me. I appreciate them so much, the things they do for me, the late night phone calls, the little things they send to me to cheer me up. Some times you meet someone out of nowhere and within weeks they just naturally understand you. It's an amazing phenomenon that I rarely experience in my life. Everyone has their own connections between others and themselves. I understand that some people like to cut those connections and leave them dangling so that another connection can come along and tie themselves to that thread. But that's not how I work, I don't cut, I make new connections. I don't link anything up. Everything is separate. I don't look at my friends as a group, I appreciate them for the individual people they are. I have individual connections with them, that are unique to our friendships. The lines never cross. 

So this is a big thank you to the people I've met recently and all the people I've met before but only just got to know. My heart goes out to the one's that are entering my life and giving me the laughs that I need. These are the people that matter, the one's that just... understand.


By no means does this mean I do not appreciate my old friends or anyone else. This is just a specific thank you to the beautiful people who enter my life.

Song listening to right now: I Tore You Apart In My Head - Balance and Composure

Monday, 13 August 2012

Week 159: Blast from the past.

So some people have been re-entering my life from my. People who know me very well and know how to make me smile. There is one person in particular who knows me better than most and I'd class her as a very good friend. We don't talk much, just the fleeting text every now and again but she knows how to cheer me up. We've had a lot of stuff in the past between us and we have a lot of history. We don't need to talk all the time or contact each other 24/7 we just know that we can count on each other to cheer us up when we need it. 


This is not the girl I am referring to in my blog. However, she is also a very close friend of mine that I look up to quite a lot. I feel that if I only get a text every now and again from my friends I can still be content and happy because those short bursts of communication are normally full of things that make me smile. It's hard living so far away from your friends, but I will never become "out of sight, out of mind".

Song listening to right now: The Past Should Stay Dead - Emarosa

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Week 158: Straight into the shining sun.

First off, I'd like to apologise for any sad, boring, emotional blog posts that I have made over the past couple of months. My life is great, I enjoy every waking minute, everything has direction and it completes me just to see a future for myself. I have some great traits about my personality and work ethic that I'm sure have been noticed within my career. I don't exploit myself to routine, to spending my earnings on going out and drinking until I can't remember the night. I don't go rushing into things. I have direction, I have a lot of skills that I can utilize to make things work for me and the people I care about. I have dedication and I have ambition. I know exactly what I am doing.

Some people take the easy route in life, they stick to stuff that is easy and convenient. When they are confused they latch on to things that are nearby and they have easy access to. They cling to these things only temporarily until they realise what is important and just have to let go. I will never do this, it's just not me and it's not in my nature. I will always strive to get the most out of life, no matter how much it challenges my soul. No dead ends, no laborious routines and certainly no time wasting on temporary fixes. I am right, and those people that are living their lives like that, know in their heart of hearts that I am right. 


Exactly. I could not be happier with the way I live my life, I have always been this way and I will always stay this way. I've been made to realise this by a few individuals recently, and I can not thank them enough for this. I have a beautiful life, only surrounded by beautiful people.

Song listening to right now: Coming Back to Life - Pink Floyd