Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Week 56: Advice.

An interesting week, something to think about. I've been looking purely at people's masks. Different masks. Make-up, ego, money, clothes and even phatic communication. It's the norm to wear a mask so don't worry about a thing.

Apart from trivial aspects of life, matters of peace and war have also had me thinking. I recently listened to a show on Radio 2 at around midday, which included an interview with 80 year old ex-Labour MP Tony Benn. Concerning my political views I've never been that public on which way I actually swing. However, this interview concerned his view on the youth and after hearing Benn talk about it, I really felt he had the correct view on my generation. So I'm going to do something that is very unorthadox of me and post an excerpt from the radio show:

"What interests me the most about the younger generation, is that they are the first generation in human history that have the technical power to destory the human race with chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. BUT they are also the first generation in human history that have the technology and the know-how and the money to solve the problems of the human race. And what choice will they take? And I think people of my age have to be very respectful when they talk to the young because I can't say that my generation made a big success of the world through which we lived, you know we had two world wars, 105 million people killed, dropped an atomic bomb and so on, so I think you have to address young people in a way that shows you recognise that they can do a better job than we did."

Also another quote that made me laugh with understandable joy:

"I think of myself as a geriatric juvenile"

You can listen to the show here:

I think the show was probably the wisest advice I have heard in a long time from somebody I don't know. Check out his book as well (which I admit I haven't read yet) "Letters to My Grandchildren" because I'm sure that there is some rationality in it that affects everyone. There's also a lot in the interview about hard work and putting on faces. Also advice with love, friends and family that really hit home. I would seriously recommend listening to it, even if it's just on in the background. The interview starts about 30 minutes in.

Thank you.

This is a photograph I took a few years ago of a girl from my generation, a friend, putting on a mask for nobody else apart from me, the photographer.

Song listening to right now: Lord of this World - Black Sabbath

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