Thursday, 12 August 2010

Week 61: Forward.

So after spending some time assisting Dan Tobin Smith, I have realised that a lot of great opportunities have been coming my way and I haven't hesitated to snatch them. So this week I have had a few thoughts on future life.

Futurology is obviously the specialised study of foresight and how things will turn out. It's probably one of the most interesting topics you can debate about once you really sink your teeth into it. In 1932 H.G Wells requested there to be "Departments and Professors of Foresight", which eventually influenced a lot of sci-fi writers and consequently inspired inventors. Inventions are the spawn of minds that are naturally riddled with futurology. Looking into what is needed is actually looking into what will be needed. So what is forward? Is it a misconception of the ever-moving present? Probably not, since there isn't really such thing as the present, as soon as we think of a moment it's already in the past. To compare this to my medium, a photograph is instantaneous but whether it's a century or the smallest decimal of a second, it will always take time to capture light. However in real life as soon as we think we are living in the present it becomes the past in an instant. As we try to trap the present with the shutter of the camera, that little box of time will have elements of the past as it opens and shuts. So the present is either ever moving or non existent.

I've been trying to apply some of this to my life and foreseeing how it will pan out. If I can estimate where I am going to be, (as a result of past events and experience) then I will try every route possible to get there.

Thank you if you read this part.

The description of this photograph is similar to the previous week, as it was the same shoot. However, the photograph is placed in this week's post to show something that is an indicator of how things will turn out for me in the future. This was a job that got me noticed. I also met a lot of contacts that day which helps me to mould my future schedule.

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