Sunday, 28 August 2011

Week 112: TesseracT.

This week is very similar to the last. However, I'm feeling sad due to certain issues in my life that have effected my thought process on the project that's in the pipeline. I've tried to push these issues to one side however it has stopped me from any planning and has rendered me useless at the moment. So I will make this week's photograph another blast from the past.


Here we have Dan Tompkins who has recently left the band TesseracT. I thought it was appropriate to post a photograph of him, since I've been listening to the song he collaborated on with Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth) and Skyharbor. This was from the same gig as the photograph I posted last week and again conjures up all kinds of nostalgia. A fantastic, disciplined singer and an all round hero.

Song listening to right now: Carthasis - Skyharbor (Ft. Dan Tompkins and Marty Friedman

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