Thursday, 13 August 2009

Week 10: Construction of photographs.

First I traveled up to Bristol to see the Banksy exhibition twice this week, which I must say is WELL worth the two and a half hour queue. I have been researching composition to an pretty advanced stage this week and it really does make a lot of sense but also get's a bit brain-stretching. The way we can construct and image merely by peering at the real world through a lens and cropping what we desire into a picture and ignoring what we don't want can really seem quite vain. Vanity in composition is a virtue and is key to discovering how to manipulate the view finder to project the perfect construction onto the film or sensor. So please take a look at this image and tell me your thoughts.

Thank you once again.


This photograph was taken in Nice, France. The view from the Hotel was a picturesque view of a construction site and thought a picture with attention to composition and construction might be a little bit of a corny double entendre, but turned out to be quite a nice little photograph, which plays a little bit with the perception section of the brain. The way we construct what we see and put together the signals made by light can sometimes either be decieving or advantageous. In this photograph I believe both of these concepts are present.

Song listening to right now: Ludivico Einaudi - The Waves (Le Onde)

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