Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Week 12: Content.

Looking back over my first year at university I've realised how much I actually learned from it. I met some people who have affected me so much that have changed my personality for the better. As I go into my second year, I notice that I am no longer young and no longer bound to my youth, but I am content.



This photograph was actually taken in Nottingham during my Freshers week. I had totally forgotten about it until the other day when I was looking through my archive of photographs that I have on this Macbook. She was an elderly lady who had sat down next to me in Market Square, and told me all about her son who owned lots of big companies and was passing the torch onto her grandson, but she didn't care for the riches of her offspring, she was content in what she had done in her lifetime. She came to this country from Thailand with very little money and brought her son up to be a great man, this was enough of a prize for her, she was proud and happy to live with that one thought.

Song listening to right now: Disintergration - The Cure

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