Sunday, 13 December 2009

Week 27: Form.

If we were to think of our lives as a solid and unmovable we would be see a better way of living. It would not be a perfect mindset, but would you call your current view on living perfect? I never wish to push my views on the audience of my photographs, but I'd people to see certain views I've been thinking about of late. I have felt that this week has been a string with blurred events that have no sort of connection to my intended goal, however I believe rest is important. Leading a solid life can be stressful and tiring but if we are moved away from the idea of routine, this concept of form, we can easily become broken. Luckily I do not believe in a strict routine or schedule. I don't have this idea of keeping solid with no bends in the middle. I create my own frame, my own series to keep me in place. I am a complete improvisation of what is complete and what is in progress.

Thanks for your time.

This photograph is brutally formal and is quite hard to look at for a while. It expresses the coldness of architecture and does not allow us to flow. It does not allow any of the leeway that is attached to an improvised life. The photograph is routine. This is form.

Song listening to right now: The Wretched - Nine Inch Nails

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