Sunday, 6 December 2009

Week 26: Difference.

This week I thought I would show a different side of me at university. I cannot help but think this was a mistake, and also it controlled my actions when researching my project and essay. A lot of work in a small amount of time results in staying awake over a long period of time. I feel different, but not for the worse. I have a recurring idea in my mind that reminds me to work to my full potential. I have realised an inalienable truth though, it is impossible to exceed one's potential. Completely impossible.


This photograph is a little different to my other work I have posted on the blog, this is mainly because I have a different mindset right now. Although I feel completely stressed out, I like my attitude towards the work. I used to have an obsession with staircases. This was taken in Nice, France. I spent a while standing there to compose this photograph. Take from it what you will.

Song listening to right now: Peter Gunn Theme - Emerson Lake and Palmer

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