Sunday, 10 January 2010

Week 31: Playful.

This week has brought me back to Nottingham, a place that I feel can have it's ups and downs. I enjoy being around people that make me feel comfortable. I can feel a wash through me as I look at a different town, a wash that cleanses my mind of all routine. As humans, we don't naturally analyze the mind's routine, but it is this meta-cognition that shows a brilliant and vast desert of dry thoughts. I have been attempting to thwart this standard way of thinking with the aim of being a little more playful with my creativity, if I can pick apart my own mind's routine in the same way I do my body's, I can control how I pick apart photography. I like using humor in photography and I like to be subtle with it, but I also enjoy being playful in the experimental sense. If a human's mind can choose to be playful, instead of straight and sensible, will it be able control the path to achievement in the same way?

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This was taking on a 35mm in Venice, Italy. I think a lot of what pleases my own mind rather than others, I play with this and see what product I can manufacture. That is all a photograph is to me, a product of my mind.

Song listening to right now: Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

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