Saturday, 23 January 2010

Week 33: What's what.

Being busy keeps me on my toes. I have spent the week taking photographs to experiment with different types of people, and different ways of viewing them. Luckily, I managed to get hold of 10x8 camera for a few shots. The negatives came out in exquisite form, however, I'm not sure I can afford to carry on with the task I have set myself. I take portraits with the intention of relinquishing the onset prejudice that photography has on the human. The output, as such, is a frightening set of judgments that we all see as the correct way to view a certain "type" of person. I aim to pair mood with attitude. I wish to see what's what about a person, and I mean this literally. In a human, what is what? What are they? What are they aiming to achieve and what have they already achieved.




This portrait of a person I know very little about seems "washed out" almost. The 10x8 camera allows me to show his true expression pushing through the blur of judgment. I originally judged this man as being slightly "washed out" as a person, but certain things are a little too powerful for prejudice.

Song listening to right now: Happy? - Mudvayne

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