Monday, 15 February 2010

Week 36: Givin' up.

The past seven days have brought me a feeling of utter delight and happiness. I am now driven, I can see direction finally, and I'm not giving up. If the events of the past week hadn't happened, this blog would be about giving up. However, I'm not ready hang up on faith just yet. Literal ideas of sadness have drawn me to the conclusion that life is both linear and random to a simultaneous moment. We show our faith by putting together pieces of a linear jigsaw puzzle, however, the way in which we choose these pieces is completely random and not driven by destiny or fate.

This photograph can be percieved as an indication of giving up on faith, my family's faith. I do not wish to pull away from this, and I won't try for a long time yet.

"Cut off the roots of your family tree. Don't you know that's not the way to be"
- Matisyahu Miller.

Song listening to right now: Unique Is My Dove - Matisyahu

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