Sunday, 28 February 2010

Week 38: Colonialism.

This week I did a fashion shoot in the style of Dazed and Confused, for some second year Fashion students. I am in adoration of fashion design students as they excel in professionalism and effort.


The style was quite obviously Native American/Tribal, and they did a brilliant job of achieving the precise look they set out to create; keeping to that style with vibrant colours and also a modern spin on the placement of the garments that you wouldn't be surprised to see in today's top magazines. I applaud them for letting me be free with aesthetic ideas and poses, I feel we really connected throughout the entire shoot. So I guess this is a completely different post from whatever you have read previously, but I went back to keeping an open mind about photography and enjoyed fashion. So I thought if I enjoy a different type of photography I may as well enjoy writing in a different style also.

Song listening to right now: Shake That - Eminem

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