Sunday, 7 March 2010

Week 39: A private moment in a public space.

The exhibition is approaching, and so I will post photographs relevant to this public showing over the next few weeks...

Do you ever get the feeling that if you had not been so inspired by a single person, then you would not have inspired others? Well, I'm never going to say that I have achieved that goal, and I'm not sure I ever will. In fact, I mean not to (and that is not just modesty speaking). However, when you exhibit a piece of work you can never be sure who has seen it, and their feelings towards it. So if, one day, I inspire somebody through my work, I would never put the credit down to me. I would put it solely down to the most modest individual I know, who just so happens to be related to me.

My father has led a fantastic life; he has travelled the world, been educated by different cultures, worked in beautiful countries and earned a brilliant living for his family. I myself am substantially jealous, not only of the memories he possesses, but also that he is content in not exhibiting his great accomplishments. This is the drive behind my work, and consequently why I motivate my mind into making images.

Thanks to everybody who has read this.

By using light as a frame I have come to a broad conclusion that the door frame is comparable to the shutter on a camera. A room is a private box until the door is opened, and so the contents is exposed (sic); exposed to light and exposed to the viewer. Pools of light flood in, and these pools are only existent because of the action of the door frame (whether they are coming out of the room or flooding into the room). As I have said before, Photography is a science; it is a mechanical process followed by a chemical process and subsequently a biological process. Our emotions, memories, thoughts and ideas are not quite as abstract as we might think; they are electrical signals from nerve to brain and pulses that effect our interpretation of images. Fear and Imagination are the closest feelings to being abstract, these are exaggerated tenfold by the anonymity of the dark.

The set that you will see hung at the exhibition were all shot on transparency film, and then deliberately cross processed as C-41 to enhance the shadows and highlights.

Each image is personally attached to me
, but the irony is in the setting. The photographs have a personal setting and atmosphere to them, but they will all be exhibited and exposed in a public space, which can be seen as contrary to my Father.

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