Sunday, 18 April 2010

Week 44: Bribery, Blackmail and Blasphemy.

A fine is a rich man's bribe. Getting to where you want has never been so dependent on social status or family background. It frustrates me to the point where I fail to see the reason in it. Sometimes, bribery can help a third party more than the two mitigating parties that are primarily involved. I will try to demonstrate in visual form, but first I must explain my reasons behind this week's post. A few negative things have hit me this week, that a few of my peers are aware of, that involve blackmail and situations of quick thinking. I also have a recent photograph of mine that coincidentally suits the happenings of the past week.


Whilst traveling through Portabello Market my Father was approached by a begger asking to give him a ten pound note (or something ridiculous). My father offered him a small amount of money if he would let me take a photograph of them both. He agreed. I noticed a small wink from my Dad, as if to tell me that I should not be phototgraphing the both of them. So I adjusted the camera position and focus subtley; thus cropping the picture to highlight the begger. My father's bribary did not benifit him or the begger, but instead it benefited me photographically. This is a point that must be remembered when looking for the right path to get what you want. Social status and economic backgrounds are both factors that play a huge role too.

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