Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Week 52: Anniversary.

So it's been a whole year since I started this life project, and it's been going well, I've only left it late twice and that was because of having no internet. It has been interesting and long but I feel satisfied in the knowledge that it will serve as a great archive and diary for when I am much older. I will look back on events that have long left my memory and link them to the photographs I have made over the years. I adore nostalgia. Only 18.1653649 years left.

Many sincere thanks to everyone who has been reading over the past year, and I hope you carry on for the next 18.1653649 years.


This week has been stressful, but I am now basking in freedom and relaxing in reality. This project was essentially a project on realism. Realism is in accordance with secular empirical rules, it is a third person objective state without embellishment or interpretation. This implies that it is ontologically independent of man's conceptual schemes, linguistic practices and beliefs, and thus knowable to the artist who can, in turn, represent this reality faithfully. During the 1850s the realists positioned themselves against romanticism. This can still be seen in Photography and film.

In the world of Photography, Martin Parr aims to construct snapshots of everyday objective reality whereas Crewsdon is more romantic, and will add makeup, lighting and make the sets look very "Hollywood."

Film has started to lean towards realism recently, it connects with today's demographic in a much more personal way. For example if we compare "Saving Private Ryan" with a film such as "Hurt Locker", SPR is completely embellished and emphasized with a dramatic music score and personal relations. The same goes for Sci-Fi, with Independence Day and District 9. If aliens where to land, they wouldn't necessarily always end up in New York or Washington. The clever thing about D9 is that the directors decided to relate it to real life events, in this case, the apartheid. District 9 is also shot in a documentary-esque style (much like Hurt Locker) so it connects with reality tenfold. You can see from this, that the more recent films lend themselves to Realism's traditions.

Song listening to right now: War - Edwin Starr

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