Monday, 21 June 2010

Week 54: Industry.

This week has involved a bit of stress and organization, but it's over with and it's now time to relax. For the next week or so I will be enjoying big open spaces. These spaces may be big and open but they are also quite claustrophobic. Built by man, with only a small number of purposes; to enjoy and to adrenalate. I can't wait.


This photograph was part of a shoot for another fashion designer, Emma Manning. She was focusing on the idea of industry. I thought one of the best places to do shoot this would be the biggest open car park in Nottingham; The Forest. This was for a number of reasons; the first being, at night it would be a large open space that was originally man made. The other reason was that a car park is a symbol of industry. Although at first seeming trivial, during the day it is filled to the brim with the cars that belong to the working people of Nottingham. Hundreds of workers fight to find a space so they can be on time to work and then finally add to the well greased machine that is running the economy. The gigantic floodlights also added to an entirely epic feel to this industrial landscape.

So to go there at night was strange, this was exactly what we wanted. It felt both agoraphobic and effervescent (the light adding to this). Since both the designer and myself were happy with the links between concept and aesthetic, this added to the final outcome. When shooting fashion I think it's great to relate to the designer. If both the photographer and the designer are simultaneously content, then you have succeeded.

Song listening to right now: Strong Arm of The Law - Saxon

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