Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Week 68: The next step.

By the end of this week I will be returning to normal life for a while. So I've spent the past week preparing ideas and concepts for the year ahead of me. I feel this will be a pretty important year for promoting my ideas to the audience so a head start is a pretty good idea. I have started to think about identity and how society has it's own little ways to place you in the order of things. This has spawned from the past few weeks where I have been talking about priorities and order.


This is a 35mm from my new project, there's not much to say about it right now as I'm still thinking of ways to progress the concept. There is a link here between photographer and model that makes it seem quite androgynous and curious. This is a little obvious to people who know me. However, for first time viewers it is extremely subtle. I like to play with familiarity whenever I get the chance. Make up artist was Juhi Choudhury.

The next few weeks I will be evolving this project, the posts will contain 35mm and 120 photographs from the past couple of shoots
, I will attach ideas and improvements that have been whizzing around my mind recently.

Song listening to right now: Highwayman - The Highwaymen.


  1. Beautiful image. I love the way you use your blog as a journey through your ideas, it's interesting as a reader to see your thought processes.