Monday, 11 October 2010

Week 70: The last step II.

So this year is my last step to improve my skills to a pinnacle that will please both myself and the demographic I'm working for. These images over the past three weeks are something I may move away from for a while because I will need to use a combination of my creative mind and my practical skills to actually make it to that peak. The most recent photographs are much more photo journalistic than they first appear. They are part of a story I am creating through documenting certain individuals. People that give me ambition. Inspiration and aspiration.


This is also part of the Leanne narrative. I have some more negatives to scan (120s) these have all mean 35mm. I have managed to acquire a darkroom again now. However, this is probably the last of the Leanne series I will show on my blog. This year will be intense darkroom work as I am looking into the science of Photography. The physical and the chemical so expect some pretty interesting projects.

Song listening to right now: Dynamo Hum - Frank Zappa

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