Sunday, 17 October 2010

Week 71: Interested?

I've been having some trouble thinking about what I should do for my exhibition. I've been hit with a major dilemma. People tell me to stick to what I'm good at and do something I'm interested in. What happens if I'm not interested in what I'm good at or if I'm not good at what I'm interested in? I also don't know if I should risk doing my new idea, as I have no idea whether I would be good at it. I'm pretty sure most people who are reading this blog ran relate to me, as you are likely to have a creative mind. If you're good at everything and interested in everything then you probably don't exist.


This is an image from one of the Junction shoots. A photograph of the third friend "The Italian" and he had a pretty sad story behind him that I feel would be exploitative to post in this blog and I may save for something else. We hung out for a good hour or so, he seemed really down to earth. However I shall leave you to make your own assumptions about him.

Song listening to right now: Whole lotta Rosie - AC/DC

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