Thursday, 17 March 2011

Week 91: Ovation.

Whilst looking over my years of being a portrait photographer, I realised how much I adore the people who have participated in my images. Their dedication to my camera work has made it possible for me to capture the photographs I'm known for. The subjects are the motor that drives my potential to keep extending itself. I would like to thank every individual that has taken part in my photography, even the candid ones. I have no idea how to show this appreciation other than to post it on this personal blog of mine. So if anybody reading this has been in one of my photographs, thank you, seriously thank you.


I do not have any favourite models, but this was certainly one of my favourite shoots. This day consisted of such an interesting family with a simple, lovely living style. This photograph was taken on 5x4 transparency, a long with a series of other photographs for a project that I indulged myself in last year. I will not go into much detail concerning the concept, but I would like to thank Penny Fillingham and the rest of her family for including me in such a great day so that I could capture some fantastic photographs.

Song listening to right now: Hoover Street - Rancid

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