Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Week 142: Memory shield.

Memory is a funny thing. It produces nostalgia, knowledge and even defence mechanisms. By "defence mechanisms" I mean, when something bad happens to you in the past, you try your best to avoid it. Learning from your mistakes is the best way to defend yourself in your future. However, if you have bad memory or do not think before you act then these defence mechanisms are completely void. So train your memory, it's one of the most important shields you will ever own.


This is a photograph that makes me chuckle, they are capturing a memory of a very sad day. Yet to everyone else around them, it's actually quite a funny spectacle. I have captured one of my funny memories of that sad memorial day. It was one of those moments when you shouldn't laugh (because of the environment) mixed with something that just seemed so out of place that it was almost impossible to keep a straight face. Photographs of photographs being taken lead to all sorts of connections with memory and emotion. It's one to think about.

Song listening to right now: Jesus Christ - Brand New

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