Friday, 20 April 2012

Week 144: Fishing Up Wellington Boots.

Over the past week, I've been sorting out all my belongings, organising all my bookings and generally organsing my past and future into files and boxes. I've come across little bits and bobs that have been huge parts of my past. The problem with these things is that they were important in the past, but now they have been drowned by everything that has happened since and hence, rendered useless. Yes, they bring back some of fundest memories. They are really positive objects that once had a use, but now that I've fished them out of the past, they aren't appropriate to what I was originally fishing for. Much like the old catching a welly situation.


An old picture, from a project that took a lot of effort and a lot of setting up. However, the project is useless to me and so the photograph is now obsolete.

Song listening to right now: You'll Be The First One - Attention Thieves

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