Thursday, 21 June 2012

Week 152: Caught in the act.

Some people come and go in your life, it's something that is just planted in the way of things. People's paths interweave and sometimes get tangled. Eventually they either straighten out and run parallel with each other or they get so tangled up that the momentum builds up and they end up shooting in completely different directions. Either way, you've got to focus on the direction of your own path. Make it climb as high as possible, don't settle for a straight boring path. Push it up mountains, push it all the way to the moon. If you fuel your journey with lies, eventually you will get caught out. Once you're found out, you will be forced to make a U-turn and will end up going in completely the wrong direction. Just be honest with people and then they will trust you. I've just found out some news I did not want to accept, but I'm relieved that I know the truth now. My path is climbing mountains.


"It was going to leak eventually, so eventually it did."

Song listening to right now: Bloodmeat - Protest the Hero

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