Sunday, 23 December 2012

Week 177: Christmas 2012.

This year I haven't really focused on Christmas. There has been so much going on. Tomorrow is my last day at my workplace in London and I'm a little bit nervous. I'm taking a big risk and a huge jump towards this commitment in the new year. I'll be back home in Reading with my family in a days time and I really can't express how much I miss them. I will announce in my next post what this new venture is, and if you are interested please keep reading.


This is a slightly different portrait to a set I have posted before. It has a different feel to it yet it is the same subject matter. I'll try not to bore you with any symbolism but I do feel it is relevant to me moving on to something new. Looking back at the past so that I can head towards a different future. This picture means a lot to me and I was very close to just leaving it stuffed away in a corner somewhere. However, here it is.

Song listening to right now: Bricks and Mortar - Cancer Bats

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