Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 192: Friendly Reminders.

This week I had to work at Hit The Deck Festival in Nottingham. Although it was a very hectic day, it was great to see some friendly faces that have been absent from my life for a while. These absences have only occurred because of my busy lifestyle. However, after so long of being away from my friends, nothing has changed. Everything is fantastic when I am in close proximity to them.


This is a photograph of one of my best friend's Adam, with his girlfriend Harrie. He understands love and he shows it. He loves that girl with all his heart. The main reason I value Adam as a friend, is that he wears his heart on his sleeve. He will express how he feels about a situation and not play games. He gets down to the point and makes sure that his feelings are known. You will always know where you stand with this guy. Both of us have been through a lot together, we've had hard times and great times but true friends never change. You don't have to know somebody for a long time for them to be a close friend. I've known Adam for about four years now and I would call him a closer friend than some people I've known my entire life.

Song listening to right now: Jumping Jack Flash - Rolling Stones

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