Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Week 14: Contradiction.

My life, in total, will end up being a severe paraprosdokian, in the end I will have to look back on my life to understand the final clause. It is for this reason that I started this life blog project. I will look back over my life and gather up all the information to see why I ended up like I did. My final destination may even contradict the reason for starting this blog.

Contradiction may occur, but at least it won't be an anti climax. Whilst posting this blog acts as the present for the moment, I will look over it in years to come and the immense nostalgic feeling will rush through me in such an awesome way.

Humans observe humans without observing fact.

Fact is true and true is that every human has a self. We look at others without realizing they are viewing the world just the same, in a first-person bubble. On the rare occasion when this is perceived, we contradict our cognitive thoughts by having personal emotions forced onto us such as sympathy, empathy or pity. I now contradict myself by speaking of metacognition in such a way that it seems trivial.

"Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself (I am large, I contain multitudes)."
-Walt Whitman Song of Myself


So, no doubt quite a few of you have seen this picture before. It's one of my old ones. This was taken in Golders Green, London. A lot of you will also know that I am Jewish, and respect a lot of different cultures. In the morning there were a group of polish men sat on a bench, drunk and asleep. I took a couple of pictures of them, but found the images quite boring. Later on, when I was just getting in the car to leave, a couple of community support officers walked past and queried them, suddenly one of them woke up and started shouting at the female officer. Just as we drove past I saw an orthodox Jew walk past and look back at them. I quickly took the opportunity to snap the image whilst my father was driving the car.

I like to think this image shows and defines the phrase "Cultural Diversity". The lifestyles contrast yes, but he has observed an event involving three human beings. He observes truth, he notices that he is a completely different human being to the man being questioned. The setting for this was a little coincidental but also very relevant. The shop in the background shows multiple sale signs, the man does not notice this as he is obviously much more distracted by the drama that is happening. This symbolises his connection with human rather than material. He will look back at the youth of today and compare it to his own past.

Song listening to right now: The Bare Necessities - Jungle Book

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