Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Week 16: Context.

An image can be totally manipulated by just one or several words. This entire blog has been manipulating your perception of my images by a scroll of words written by me. I have paired the images with context that roots from the origin of the photograph, this can be seen as either positive or negative in the world of art. I believe it totally depends on the circumstances I.e the photograph. The positive is that the explanation, caption or title of an image defines what the artist wishes the audience to perceive from his/her said image. The negative is that it can destroy the imagination of the audience for that one image. So I leave you with this image, with nothing I quoted by myself...


"To be of any use to an artist, photographs must be rooted in a context, in a past; there is no such thing as a context-free photograph, and abstract photography is good for nothing but record covers."

John Stathatos ('A Reading of Peeter Linnap's "Summer 1955"')

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