Saturday, 1 May 2010

Week 46: Replacement.

I have become pretty jealous of my parent's lifestyle during the years before I was born. To travel the world and earn a living whilst doing it would be ideal for my mindset. Images are a reflection on times that may or may not have been better. Nostalgia is therefore a powerful tool when you are wielding a camera. This week I have been looking at the representation and the reinterpretation of images.

Thanks again.

I fully intended to keep the situation the same, but the mannerisms had to be my own. These photographs weren't posed as such, just so I could just handle the situation in my own way. Everything else in the photograph had to be constructed to replicate the situation my Father was in.

Recently, we had a guest lecture with Tom Hunter which, at first, I was a bit skeptical about. Turns out, I really enjoy his images now. I knew that they were modernized versions of some of my favourite paintings, and at first I thought he had done a terrible job of it. What I did not realize was that they were concerning stories that were local to him and he had a personal connection to his art. However, I do not wish to remake an image in my own style, I intend to replace the individual but keep the situation the same.

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