Monday, 1 November 2010

Week 73: Economaclypse.

I have been thinking about culture and representation. After watching "Mugabe and the White African" I was inspired to look back over my archive of images. There were points in this documentary film that made me question the definition of a culture. In Africa, the white farmers are being forced out of their lifestyles by militia and Mugabe's associates so that their business can be taken over by non-qualified violent groups. They do not necessarily have the skill to run the farms they take over, but because they are black then Mugabe is happy for them to kill and drive out the white farmers who have built up an efficient agricultural business and lifestyle that actually benefits Mugabe himself.

Okay, so for example if you ask someone "Can you be truly be white and be Australian?" most people would answer "Yes, of course. Everyone in Australia is white." What if we asked the question "Can you be black and be British?" again the majority of people would answer "Yes, of course. I know a lot of people who are black and are British. Are you asking me if I'm a racist?" However, if you were to ask Mugabe "Can you be White and be African?" they answer would simply be "No. They (referring to the white people) make us (referring to the black) feel like an extension of the British Empire. Remember apartheid."

Mugabe himself is a hypocrite, this idea is just as disgusting as the apartheid. It is in itself an ethnic cleanse. He is not doing it for the benefit of Africa either, believe me, they could do with these experienced farmers. He is doing it as a dictator, for control, intimidation and fear. I would seriously recommend people to watch "Mugabe and the White African." It provoked so many thoughts and comparisons. Even if you do not know much about this conflict it is a brilliant piece of filming.

The point is that this week, I have been looking at why certain areas of the world have turned out the way they have due to political choices. This goes hand in hand with the recession and economic status.


I'm starting to feel the economic climate right now. It hadn't hit me at first, it felt like a myth or something that was very far off. I still feel that some people are still over spending on luxuries and living past their needs, however I feel that I am insignificant in helping this situation. I would like to say that lack of money isn't a problem, but if I am to completely route most of my problems back to one single thing it would be money. I remember a quote from Tim Burton's 2005 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

"Grandpa George: There's plenty of money out there. They print more every day."

Perhaps there is a truth behind what Grandpa George was saying, but it is being held back by opportunity. If I want to see any of that Green, Orange or Purple then I have to seize as many opportunities as possible. I do realise that his point was that money is essentially a superfluous and trivial material. On the other hand, not a lot of people realise this and in most cases that has crafted social status. These people are mainly politicians, who have now technically become dictators. They control money. Just look at the budget cuts.

I know a lot of what I have spoken about this week is very global and I am insignificant compared to these issues. I realise I can do nothing to change the world, I am merely expressing my interest in it. In a sense, the subjects of every post in this blog is what I constantly think about. I am constantly in fear of the world collapsing, but I have hope in revolution which I shall never discuss on here.

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