Saturday, 13 November 2010

Week 74: Linear.

So there is an argument about causation and destiny. The latter suggests that time is set for us in a linear fashion and that there is a preconceived beginning and an end to all things. However what if causation was part of that line. The line would then curve round into a circle and would suggest that everything is happening right now. The future and the past are happening right now. Everything we do will effect what happens in the future and therefore we are effecting the future right now. These theories are not set in stone, they are more like a Ven diagram, causation will effect destiny but destiny is being decided constantly. Yes, photography is the study of light, however they are a part of a symbiont mutualism. If light did not exist then time would not have any use in photography (which would be obsolete anyway). If time did not exist then light would not travel and therefore it would be non existent.

This has been my main trail of thought this week and needs to be expanded a little, I just had to write it down.

Thanks for reading this week.

This is a visual representation of something that is of interest to me; perceiving time. It was taken in San Remo, Italy on 35mm. It is a slight illusion in itself, so I will leave it open to your own visual interpretation.

Song listening to right now: Boiled Frogs - Alexisonfire

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