Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Week 86: Amusement.

Laughter seems to shock. I find something amusing if I truly understand it, if I don't understand it then normally I won't laugh, however if you ever see me laughing at something I do not understand it will completely prosthetic. I understand when somebody laughs at me, so I laugh back at them and it does not seem to shock anyone, but if I were to stay silent, it would cause judgemental side effects that the other party may find offensive. In a true sense, if I haven't laughed back it is because I found your laughter offensive. Amusement is a very fine discourse and it is only because of practice that we know the rules and regulations of it by heart.

Thank you for reading this week.

In the photograph (in general, not this one in particular), there is only silence. Laughter does not exist, sadness does not exist. There is no such thing emitted from the 2D.

Song listening to right now: The Disappointment - Devil Sold His Soul

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