Sunday, 13 February 2011

Week 87: Belief.

The word "faith" is too strong to describe my emotions at the moment. It does not exist in the human brain so therefore I will relinquish all use of the word. Instead I wish to focus on "belief", this word is a lot less abstract and much more real. To believe something is to put trust in something, and trust exists. Belief is made up of the truth and the lie. So consequently it is conjured from what is real and what is make believe.

The reason I'm focusing on this is that I have a lot going on at the moment, I've become a busy person. Everyone has their own issues and I understand that, which is why I'm writing this blog in a way that can relate to the reader's problems as well as mine. I'm trying my hardest to get everything done and commit to my top priorities. However, I seem to have a number of priorities on the same level. Well, at least I believe they are on the same level. These priorities are people as well as activities and people have different beliefs. So I have to compensate for what they believe should be my number one priority at the moment. I think this is slightly selfish of certain people to dictate what my priorities should be, especially if it is putting themselves on top. However, this is not always a bad thing, in fact I feel quite flattered when that happens to be honest and I appreciate if it actually works out for the best. So I believe I can get everything done, I believe I can sort out my life into categories that exchange roles in my everyday trivial activities but I also believe that I have to give myself time to do this.

Time is something you cannot buy. However, if you could purchase it... then it wouldn't matter because I'm pretty broke anyway.


Working hard is one thing but believe you are working hard is another. Put your efforts into perspective, compare it with others. No matter what you think, inspiration is all around you and if you observe somebody that is working a lot harder than you are then you will obtain a drive. At first it may seem depressing and it may get you down. Once you learn to harness this influence you can use it to create targets for yourself and your self belief will rise to standards you never knew you had. Work until your brain sweats.

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