Sunday, 20 February 2011

Week 88: Conformity.

What do you conform to? Everybody conforms to something. Everyone has to have something to strap their lifestyle to. I have been thinking constantly about what people want to pin their lives to, the rules, the regulations and the practice. My highest conformity is probably my passionate aim to make images that make people think. I make them on medium and large format film so I guess I conform to the rules of shooting film exposures. I do however, conform to certain fashions, rules of polite discourse and conversation with acquintances. It's good to know all of this about yourself, otherwise it can slip your mind and you get lost in what is right and what is wrong in a specific situation. I enjoy conformity.


As you may know, I have a fascination with the androgynous. Some women can get away with wearing men's clothing, and some men can do the same with women's. However, the latter is not as common. Recently there has been a real push in the fashion industry to mix gender stereotypes and I'm sure most of you that read fashion magazines have noticed. This is all about conformity, sexual conformity and orientation. For example, what do straight men and women have to fashionably conform to and also what do gays have to fashionably conform to? Debate's like this are hardly contemporary and have existed for years. It just makes a surge into the commercial industry every now and again.

Song listening to right now: The Grotesque - Johnny Truant

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