Monday, 5 September 2011

Week 114: Concrete Jungle.

I apologise for the slight lateness of this post, I have touched down. America is here. I've taken a hell of a load of pictures. There is nothing like New York City, I've come just before quite an emotional weekend and I can feel that already. I will keep you all updated with the goings on but for now I'm going to leave you with.

I will own this.

I didn't want to post any of the usual Empire States or Chryslers, I just wanted to show you a photograph of a dense circuit board. A small section of the mass battery that is New York City. This was taken at the top of The Empire State building. Most people were taking photographs of the skyline, the tourist spots and the great architectural landmarks that are flagships of this great city. I did the same. However, I also took a series of pictures that made me think and will also make others think. I have an entire series of these photographs. The sensor of my camera was wallpapered with concrete.

Song listening to right now: Chronicles - Viatrophy