Sunday, 16 October 2011

Week 120: Worlds.

So I'm in another country once again. A country that seems so alien but should seem so familiar. It's a strange feeling. Yes, it feels like another world. It feels almost as though it's another time period mixed with today's modernity. I can't explain through words. I am working hard. Taking photographs of a lot of different things. Variety is key. Portraits, animals, landscapes, cityscapes etc. To portray the true nature of a country would be a difficult challenge. However, to reach that goal I must be as diverse and open minded as possible.


Taken in the Negev desert. The relationship between human and nature is taken pretty seriously in the middle east. There is a lot of superstition floating around in the world that we may take for granted in our western culture. The Ibex have authority over a lot of things. It is believed they are the earthly representation of Beelzebub. From their appearance you can obviously see why. What they say, goes. If they want to sit in the shade, you better get out of the way. Even if it means you miss the bus that only runs every ninety minutes.

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