Friday, 11 November 2011

Week 122: Journey.

This is just part of a journey, a long road that I have been travelling down for years. This is journey is not measured in distance, it cannot be, because this journey has lead me to the beginning. The only way I can explain this is to measure this journey with time. This particular section is a pilgrimage to the start.


We followed a group of Bedouins through the desert. This trip is part of their regular routine and this particular image was taken right next to the famous Maktesh Ramon (giant erosion crater) in Israel. In fact, if I was to take this on the other side of the three figures, I would have to be floating 200 foot above the bottom of the crater.The Negev desert is huge, yet you can somehow bump into a small group of (and sometimes individual) Bedouins that are just wondering. Actually, maybe "wondering" is the wrong word, because they walk with a stride that exhuberates a sense of direction, something tells you that they know exactly where they are headed and where they will end up. I envy them.

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