Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 123: A different type of pilgrimage.

So travelling around the world has been tiring and I am getting "sick and tired". Home sick and tired of travelling at such a frequent rate. However, neither of these things have put a negative spin on things. In fact they have driven me to take more photographs, to take advantage of my situation. I miss friends a lot, but I have taken this opportunity to visit as much family as possible in Israel. I have a big family so it's tiring work. Even though we may live in countries that are worlds apart, I can tell that our hearts are all in the same place.

Thank you.

This is a different type of photography than I've been used to experiencing over the past few weeks. This type of photograph is a small break from the seriousness of what I've seen recently. A playful and loving image that securely connects with me and my family. Family is pilgrimage, and I will never forget that.

Song listening to right now: Trapped Under Ice - Metallica

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