Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Week 141: Birthday.

So my birthday is coming up, I'm getting older and I still don't even realise it. Even when I think about age and time, I still don't understand what all the fuss is. Every day is a different day, you might be stuck in a routine, but you can still think differently from the day before. I tend to vary my thoughts whenever I can. Think of new ideas, new inventions and new ways of planning out my life. Most of the things that my imagination conjures up are impossible to create but it's always good to dream.


I sometimes look at this photograph of mine, taken on September 11th 2011. This marine, is on his lunch break from protecting the city of New York from any potential terrorist attempts. I always look at it and wander what he's thinking. The entire time I was in the Deli he didn't notice my camera, not even once. He was deep in thought, it was obvious. Being in the army is his occupation, his routine, but that day was obviously a little change in his routine. Maybe he was contemplating his life choices or maybe he was remembering those who lost their lives a decade ago. Either way his thought process must have changed, and that is what I was discussing in the opening paragraph of this post.

Song listening to right now: Karma - Parkway Drive

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