Saturday, 28 July 2012

Week 157: Meeting.

People meet new people all the time, it happens all day every day. Every now and again you meet someone that really affects you. Someone that really seems to know you well before you even have a chance to get to know each other. It's a good feeling, friendship without history, because you know when that history builds up it can only get better. You get to know more about that person than you already do. The little things make you smile. Friends are probably my most favourite thing about life. I'm happy I've met some people recently, they've changed me for the better. They've been reliable. Yet, there are some friends that I've known a lot longer, that I thought I knew, when I completely didn't. There are some people that are meant to be there for you when you need them the most, that have said they would be there for you. I have been there for these people, I've stuck up for them when they are being unfairly treated. I have been there for late night phone calls when they were crying themselves to sleep at night. I have travelled a long way to see them just to put a smile on their face. I don't do this for anything in return apart from the knowledge that when I need them to be my friend, they will actually be there for me, just like they said they would.

Apart from that, I've met some great people recently. Some in particular know who they are if they are reading this. I know that when I am at my lowest point or need a friend, I can count on them. Even if it is just a phone call about silly things. It's the small things that count, it's the small things that make me laugh and fill me with joy. I just believe they deserve a big thank you for making my cheeks hurt and providing me with the fun I need. These feelings are natural. I've got a lot of time for you.


You may think this is a pretty strange photograph to post but I feel it's a pretty relevant visual analogy.

Song listening to right now: Set Phasers to Stun - Taking Back Sunday

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