Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Week 166: Mistakes.

We've all made them. I've written things in this blog that I would like to take back, I have misjudged people for good and for bad. I'm not making any apology, I am just stating I know I was wrong about these concepts on relationship values. I was right in some ways and I was wrong in others but I won't go through and list them all to you now. Views change, sometimes they change quite frequently and other times they take a little while to transform. I believe that if you have realised that your opinion on a subject is changing than it has already subsequently changed. It is that point of realisation that makes you label it a mistake. Sometimes your view changes because the subject changes, this is different and is not at your fault, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it and is therefore not classed as a mistake.

Anyway, people learn and move on from their anomalies. As human beings we have to learn to iron out the creases to survive. It's in our nature to forget and to act upon, our genes tell us that it is imperative to keep a level head when thinking about the past, so we do not become embarrassed or engulfed with a feeling of self-consciousness. Do you ever get that feeling where you think about your past (possibly something you regret) and you think to yourself "Why the hell did I bother?"? Do you ever get that feeling of self embarrassment that covers you with goose pimples? There is absolutely no need, because it is up there stored in your head for nobody else to peak at... but some people might remember it.


I have a different purpose behind this image, I just think it's aesthetically relevent to my point. This is how I view those memories. They stick out like a sore thumb, they float around in the desolate greyness of my mind and all I am doing is waiting for myself to forget them. I am waiting for those balloons to burst and to cease floating.

Song listening to right now: Good Friends, Bad Habits - Owen

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