Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week 181: Non-stop.

So if you know me, you know that I work for Hype Clothing now. I went out to New York again to represent the team at the Agenda trade-show on Mercer Street, Soho. Although it was hectic and a completely new experience for me. I learned a lot and I kept my head down and worked hard. I shot whilst I was out there and met some great people. I also managed to meet up with some old friends for these shoots and we all worked together to get the best shots for the look book.

After the week was up, all the business was done on my part and all the shots were taken on my part. I had to get a flight back to Heathrow with all the clothing samples. I made my flight with literally a minute to spare. As soon as I was to land I then had to head straight to another trade-show in London.

My plane landed at around 8:30am and I had to be at the show in Olympia for 9:00am on the dot. So after a frantic jet-lagged rush, collecting three huge suitcases of luggage on my own and hopping in a taxi. I finally made it to Olympia to meet my other colleagues who were eagerly waiting for me to set up. 

After all of this I had another weekend of doing business and meeting buyers for the clothing line. I'm not going to lie, I never really saw myself as a wholesaler when I was back at university learning about the creative psychology of image-making. I won't stop taking photographs and I won't stop this blog, this is just a different venture towards something I have a lot of faith in.


A picture from Central Park during the Hype shoots out there. Although very fast and hectic, I met some great people, learnt some interesting things about society and also got very drunk.

Song listening to right now: Dead Behind The Eyes - While She Sleeps

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