Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Week 182: Mutual feelings.

I like the feeling of feeling completely understood by someone. I don't necessarily mean a partner or a lover. Just in general, when you meet somebody new or when you've known somebody your whole life. If they understand you, they understand you.

Sometimes I have conversations with people and it feels like they are just waiting for their turn to speak, there is no counter conversing or even acknowledgement of what I have just said. Sometimes after a day of speaking to people you meet one person that understands that you want reactions, that you are being listening to and they know that you will be doing the same when they speak. When this happens it almost washes through me like a wave of excitement. I then lose all sense of conversation etiquette and getting fully involved with the subject. I will talk passionately about my interests/emotions and will react passionately to the other person's words.

I love losing myself in a mutual conversation and it's a rare occurrence these days.


Photograph taken on Manhattan Island for Hype Clothing.

Song listening to right now: Vultures - John Mayer

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