Sunday, 7 June 2009

First Blog: Week 1

I am currently nearing the end of the first year of studying a Photography degree at Nottingham Trent University, and have deeply researched the practice on a critical level. Anyway, I have done a few short blogs in the past, but I would like to expand into this medium a bit more decisively. Obviously anybody can have a Blogger account, and I would like to recommend it, however, I would like to state that I am only doing this for my own lexical/graphical pleasure and will appreciate any feedback be it complementary or critical, both are just as helpful.

The aim of this blog is to post a photograph, taken by me, once a week for the next 1000 weeks of my life. This week will be no exception and I already have a photograph in mind to upload in just a few seconds. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Thank you greatly.


This photograph is a frame of my Grandmother, a very dear woman to me. Very close. I felt that I should project this idea of closeness onto the film, in a manner that was both sincere and striking. On a personal plateau, she is the image of my heritage.

Song I am listening to right now: Gotye - Hearts a Mess

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