Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Week 3: Happy Birthday Mother.

In total, this week has been positive, as I have seen friends and family. I have also celebrated my Mother's 50th Birthday this past week and have my Father's 51st to look forward to during this week coming up. My Mother has been a prominent part of this week, and I feel I should present this as best I can. I do not wish to force harsh opinions or have this treated as an aggressive move, but recently I haven't been able to see her side of things and subsequently this has affected my decision making all week. My decision this week is to post this portrait of my Mother. I am aware all my photographs so far have been Portraits and in the future I will keep a variation of genres posted.

Many thanks once again.


Exploitation may be a word that comes to mind, and in most cases it would be the appropriate one. However, in this case I would not relate it to this portrait. She willingly agreed to participate in this shoot, and hence, knew what she would be in for. True, this photograph is not complimenting, but this combination of negating a person's physical appearance and the judgment by the audience to create an engaging photograph, is quite a compliment in itself.

If I may be so bold, I would like to relate this photograph to the portrait by Alexander Rodchenko of his mother. This photograph does not show the beauty of motherhood, but in it's stead ends up showing the history. I make no apology for posting this photograph.

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