Monday, 15 June 2009

Week 2: 3:30 - 22:00

So ends the first year of my course. Hence, I feel a little accomplished and wish to post a recent photograph that relates back to certain activities practiced during the last term of my course. This week seems to me like it will dictate the layout of my summer duration and I seriously cannot contain myself. So I think this week's image shows a little bit of hardship that has been experienced during the course and therefore I would like to let this go.

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Thanks entirely


We were stood on the corner of Nottingham's market square, taking a photograph from the same position once every minute for 18 hours to create a time lapse. During this time, we had a number of different members of the public walk up to us and query what we were up to. This Photograph was captured of an elderly homeless male that stood with us for at least an hour. He originated from Lahore and told us of the fascist traditions in which his old village used to keep out foreigners and he totally agreed they should have stayed that way. I will not repeat the language he used as a lot of readers will probably find it offensive, he was filled with history and accentuated it in the most forceful manner possible. The man showed his anger at the loss of tradition. I did not agree with any of his views.

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